Empowering Advanced Courses in Data Science, AI/ML, BI & Analytics with Cloud-Based HPC Labs

Arvind Jha
3 min readSep 14, 2023


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The advent of OpenAI’s ChatGPT and LLM APIs has ignited a rapid surge in AI, ML, and GenAI advancements. In just a few months, we’ve witnessed an explosion of innovations, with countless new releases taking the tech world by storm.

As universities, research institutions, and corporations race to keep up with this dynamic trend, the demand for substantial computing power, ample GPU availability, and the capacity to handle extensive datasets for AI/ML model development is skyrocketing. Even with the latest hardware, on-premises solutions struggle to keep pace. The demand for GPU computing has reached such heights that shortages and rising prices have become commonplace.

This leaves educational institutes, research bodies, and academic organisations facing a critical question: How can they offer cutting-edge AI/ML courses, LLM technology explorations, and local data training pilots? Relying solely on university datacenters may lead to delays in knowledge transfer and deprive students and researchers of the chance to work at the forefront of innovation.

Cloud-Based HPC Labs: A Solution for Advanced Learning

To bridge this gap, the solution lies in the swift provision of high-performance computing resources through cloud-based Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS). This approach offers a powerful suite of tools to create virtual labs with multiple CPUs, clusters, storage, GPUs, synthetic data, and more, all on a pay-as-you-go or hourly-rate basis.

Enterprises like Nebulacloud.ai are leading the charge, providing a self-service platform or fully customisable hosting options. These platforms empower institutions to establish cloud computing labs equipped with all the necessary software for simulation, visualisation, modelling, training, and even LLMs using public cloud infrastructure. These labs come complete with user management, resource monitoring, individual or shared configuration options, license sharing provisions, and collaborative workflows to engage diverse, multi-location resources on projects.

Unmatched Hardware and Software Capabilities

Cloud-based labs offer a distinct advantage over on-premises setups by ensuring that the infrastructure is consistently up-to-date with the latest, state-of-the-art hardware and software. Security patches and updates are applied automatically, and the platform offers automation scripts for rapid infrastructure deployment and shutdown.

In contrast, on-premises acquisitions often involve lengthy processes, from RFPs to negotiations and contract awards. By the time the equipment is delivered, installed, and configured, it may already be lagging behind the cutting edge of technology.

Substantial Cost Savings

Cloud HPC Labs not only provide speed and scalability but also offer significant cost savings. The pay-as-you-go or shared license model can lead to savings of up to 85% when cloud resources are optimised effectively.

Nebulacloud.ai leverages its ability to aggregate cloud resources to secure favourable pricing, passing those savings on to customers. Additionally, innovative license-sharing models and flexible metering options mean customers are billed only for the time the infrastructure is actively in use, further reducing software license expenses.


For academic organisations in need of high-performance computing, considering a cloud HPC lab infrastructure could be a game-changer. Reach out to me at to explore more features and schedule a demo to experience the power of cloud based HPC for heavy computing needs.



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