What I Learnt From 20+ Calls With Startups

Challenges / Issues faced by startups
  • Thank you so much for your time and great insights that you shared over the call which led us to rethink few critical points as we move forward with our product in terms of Positioning, Pricing, GTM etc.
  • Overall, I found it to be course correction session for some of the products we are working on.
  • Coming to the advice you provided — I think it was practical and achievable.
  • After the call with you. We re-prioritised few things and made a trade-off of depth vs breadth. That will reduce the go to market time as we will be addressing fewer use cases and build incrementally.
  • The session was very useful to me as this allowed me to introspect after the call. I found most of the things you mentioned were true. More than the actual solution, which is quite difficult to get in one session, the session gave me a path to think about the solution, which was actually I was expecting from the call.
  • Our conversation gave me a few things to think about — positioning the product (order management vs business transformation), studying the US market more before going after it, and also leveraging LinkedIn / emails for first few customers. It was insightful and I’d love to do another one.



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Arvind Jha

Arvind Jha


Innovator. Entrepreneur. Mentor. Investor. Learner. Love technology, sports, arts and literature. Strive to be fair. http://t.co/UFEkCAnU